Triathlon Fitting – $150

The most important aspect of a bike is how it fits the rider. Jamie understands all the needs triathletes face and realizes that it isn’t as simple as putting an athlete on the bike and adjusting seat height. The triathlon fit service is the most in-depth service we offer because we understand that you have to be able to run off the bike after riding.  This service can take 2 hours or more to complete and we will walk through several different options on stem and saddle position to ensure the rider is most comfortable. We are the only certified bike fitter in Hagerstown, Maryland!

BG Fit – $150

Looking for the most in depth Bike Fit you will ever get?  Look no further! We are now a fully certified Body Geometry Fit studio (BG Fit). This is a very in depth process that can take as long as 3 hours that goes through all aspects of both the rider and the bike.  Involved in this is measuring saddle width, arch height, flexibility, muscle structure and limitations as well as using a laser level to analyze the alignment of your knees feet and hips while going through the entire pedal stroke. For more information please contact us!

Basic Fit – Free!

Every bike we sell will come with a free basic fit. This is going to be saddle height and reach placement. Whether you are buying your first bike or your 10th, we want to make sure your bike is fitted for you so that you will be most comfortable and be able to spend more time riding.