Triathlon Coaching

We provide programs for every athlete of all abilities. With over 170 athletes world-wide coached in seven years we provide fully customized programs for any triathlon distance. All programs are tailored around each athletes time constraints, strengths, and weaknesses, and come with unlimited coach to client online contact. We are Hagerstown’s only USA Triathlon-certified coach.

Run Coaching

Our endurance careers started in running and we always stick close to our roots! Jamie has coached runners since 1998 when he was asked to help his Battalion’s Physical Training coordinator make the Marines’ run times faster. Since then Jamie has helped runners of all levels achieve their goals. Whether it is to finish your first marathon or to tryout for the Olympic Trials we have a plan for you. We have programs for every level and we have coached athletes of all ages from High School to 70+. We have plenty of programs and different levels of pricing to meet any athlete’s needs.

Plans and Pricing

All coaching services include:
  • Initial consult which identifies current level of fitness, strengths, weaknesses, and goals
  • Subscription to
  • Unlimited email with your coach
  • Monthly review and adaptations (if needed) for the next month

Premium Coaching

Premium coaching is available on a month to month basis at $130/month. This will include a 20-30 minute phone consult each month, goal setting, analysis of the previous month, and unlimited email with your coach. You may also opt to schedule a weekly phone consult. Due to time constraints, this service is available to a limited number of clients. Also included in this program is a Mercury Endurance Tri top or Bike Jersey for 6 month and longer clients ($75 value).
Currently spots are available.

Quarterly, biannual, and annual training plans

Quarterly, biannual, and annual training plans give clients the option to receive coaching for a designated period of time. These 3, 6, and 12 month programs offer monthly training schedules, unlimited email, and monthly reviews. Depending upon the purpose of the individual’s training, these plans may also include additional resources regarding strength training, VO2 and lactate threshold testing, stretching, injury prevention, form work, nutrition, race-day strategies, and reentry after injury.

3 months: $300
6 months: $550
12 months: $1000

Race-specific Programs are offered as follows:


5k or 10k: $180 for a 12-week program
Half marathon or marathon: $230 for a 16 week program


Ironman: $600 for a 24 week program + 2 week recovery
Half-Ironman: $400 for a 16 week program
Sprint/Olympic Distance Tri: $400 for a 16 week program

Race-Specific Programs include unlimited email, race-day nutrition and strategies, stretching, and strength training.
All programs are developed individually, based on your initial consult, monthly reviews, and email correspondence.
There is a $25 processing fee for all programs. This is a one-time fee to cover set-up costs. After the purchase of your initial coaching program, you will never be charged this fee again.

Personal Training: $40/hour
Consult or Season Planning: $40
Bike Fitting: $75 (road) $150 (triathlon/time trial)
Training Advisor (For those wanting an occasional second set of eyes): $140/year



"Jamie’s coaching has significantly improved my speed, endurance, and overall energy on the course, while reducing soreness, injury and fatigue throughout the day. He has customized a plan to address my specific weaknesses, while building on my existing strengths. Training has become much more centered and focused, and each workout now has a purpose. In addition to a great training plan, Jamie has provided me valuable advice on swim, bike, and run form, nutrition, hydration, pacing, and race strategy. His enthusiasm is very clear and comes across powerfully. He is responsive to questions and takes the time to explain the reasoning behind his answers. In my first triathlon working with Jamie, I set a PR on the course and all three legs individually, finishing well ahead of my target time. I would highly recommend Jamie’s coaching to anyone that wants to train more wisely and efficiently. Whether you want to reach the podium or simply reach the finish line, Jamie’s coaching will ensure you reach your goals."

− Dan Walters - Portland, Oregon

"Since Jamie Boward has coached me, I have knocked 30 minutes off my half marathon time, and 2 minutes off my swim time. The training schedule that he has integrated around my busy schedule has minimized my training time by limiting my workouts for quality of the workout not quantity. Jamie this year coached me to a 6th place finish at the Clydesdale World Championships. This coming year, he has a lot planned for me. I am going to be concentrating on the Half Ironman distance. My goal for the 2007 season is to qualify for the 70.3 World Championships. I am 23 years old, and this season I will be racing in my age group instead of as a Clydesdale. Jamie has incorporated a nutritional diet to help me get down to a race weight this season of 190 pounds. Jamie has a passion about triathlons, running, and cycling that you will be able to see through his coaching; whether it’s taking time to have a 1 on 1 session or talking on the phone about nutrition. Regarding a race or your schedule, his turn around time is the best. Through his coaching you will excel and you will meet your goals and expectations in your sport."

− Christopher (Cole) Copley - Fredericksburg, VA

"Hiring Jamie as my coach has been instrumental in making my first season in triathlon productive and enjoyable. Receiving my first training schedule from Jamie, however, provided an instant motivational boost as I had made the step at this point from my own sporadic workouts to an expert’s training plan. I have since made huge progress over the course of a short season. The training program helped get me to a 5th place finish out of 21 in my age group at my first ever half-iron event. Jamie’s program has provided better results at an overall easier training effort than I was doing before. At first, I was skeptical about training at low intensity and for recovery, but Jamie took a lot of time to explain the concept to me and now looking back, I think this part of the training was most key for me in my overall improvements. I doubt I would have ever gotten this type of aerobic base training right without the individual attention. Because of his broad background in triathlon and endurance sports I think you’ll be in good hands if you decide to go with Jamie’s coaching service."

− Mike Caley - Woodbridge, VA

"Although I have been competing in triathlon since the 1980’s, in the fall of 2007 I entered the 2008 Ironman Wisconsin. In planning for that race, I decided to hire a professional coach to help me reach my goals. After interviewing both local and on-line coaches, I decided on Coach Boward of Mercury Endurance.
The depth and breadth of his knowledge regarding training philosophies, equipment, injury prevention and treatment is very impressive. He listened to my goals, gauged my experience and developed a training plan that fit both. He was quick to respond and alter that plan when injury and other issues developed,requiring a change. As my big day approached, he helped me formulate a race plan that allowed me to exceed the goals I had set months earlier. There is no doubt that without his sage advice, I would not have had the race that I did.
It does not matter what your goals are. If you want to achieve them, I would strongly recommend Coach Boward of Mercury Endurance."

− Andy Mixell - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

"I have been running for six years now. In that time I thought that to be a good runner I had to run long and hard every day. An off day was a day I lost with training. After taking on Jamie Boward as my Coach in April of 2008, I now know how wrong I have been. I was constantly injured and when I did race my time’s suffered from the way I trained myself. Jamie taught me quality over quantity. He showed me what it takes to be a more efficient runner. He took the time to show me what I was doing wrong, over striding, arm carriage, improper fueling and how to correct that. He made monthly schedules that fit with my everyday life. By doing that my 2008 season has been my best year of running yet. His Coaching helped me PR all of my major races. 1 mile, 5k, 5 mile, 1/2 marathon. And most important, the JFK 50 Mile Ultra Marathon this past November. His Coaching helped me knock off 56 minutes from last year!! I wouldn’t have been able to do that by myself. But the best thing of all is since taking Jamie as a Coach, I have stayed injury free."

− Ray Jackson Jr - Hagerstown, Maryland

"For the first three years that I raced triathlons, I trained when I felt like it and how I thought best, but was unable to achieve the results I was looking for. I tried following some generic on-line programs, but those plans fell apart if I was unable to following the schedule exactly due to vacation, injury, etc… I wanted to improve in all three sports, but was unsure how. After talking with several coaches and reviewing several different types of programs, I chose Mercury Endurance and began working with Jamie on planning my 2008 season. I liked having a structured program that was customized to my currently level of fitness and was focused on achieving my goals. Jamie was very flexible when it came to adjusting workouts mid-month when necessary. After working with Jamie for the 2008 season, I am very proud of my results. I set PR’s at the Half-Iron distance by almost 39 minutes, at the Olympic distance by almost 10 minutes, and in several sprint-distance races (placing 2nd overall in one of them). Jamie has made me see what my potential is, and I know that with his help I will continue to improve."

− Mark Neubauer - Hagerstown, Maryland

"This year was my return to Ironman after 20 years away. I was lost in all the new technology and techniques. Coach Jamie helped me put my year together so I would peak for my Ironman. He custom built my program to fit my abilities, my life and my goals. His workouts were structured to strengthen my weaknesses and maintain my strengths. I had so many questions as race day approached and Jamie got me into the zone. His love for the sport is contagious. Jamie is up on all the latests trends and is a wealth of information. He is a walking encyclopedia of triathlon training and racing. Dropping 15 minutes from my Olympic distance was a great start to the season. Next I dropped 30 minutes from my Half Iron distance time. We worked extensively on strengthening my run this year. During my Ironman I was withing one minute of my goal pace the entire run. I told everyone after the race that I officially became a runner this year. I met Jamie on a tri website and we talked racing for hours after a race we both competed in. His energy and love for the sport is unsurpassed. If this is your first tri, he will teach you everything you need to know. If you are a veteran of the sport, he will take you to the next level. Thanks Jamie for a kick butt season!"

− Jim Robesky - Quincy, Illinois

"“Jamie is the best!! Just after I signed up for my first IM, I decided I needed to get a coach to obtain my goal. After a little research, I found Jamie and that was the best decision I’ve made! I am a working mom of 3 boys so I had a really busy schedule. He designed the perfect schedule for my busy life. My goal was too finished the Ironman, still have a life while training and bypassing the medical tent the day of the race!! Done! I completed my first Ironman in France in 13H48mn, was perfectly fine the whole time and I had almost no pain the day after!! Jamie was always there, quick answering my email about my needing to change a schedule because of kids baseball practice, school concert… He made me work on my weakness (ie swim), while strengthening my biking and running. He gave lots of advice on what to wear, what to drink, how to pace myself for the IM race. You have a question, he has the answer!! He is definitely a keeper !-) and on my list for my next IM. Thanks Jamie. Couldn’t have done it without you!”"

− Charlotte Dequeker - Greenwich Conneticut

"I recently completed my first half ironman race. The previous year I was constantly injuring myself. I am fairly new to triathlons and found myself making many mistakes. I had a general idea of what training I needed to do but lacked the knowledge and experience to train properly. After a season of poor training choices I decided if I wanted to compete in a half ironman race I would need a coach. I searched for a coach that would provide a program that addressed my specific needs, the flexibility to change as I needed it to and a coach willing to support all the aspects of preparing for a race. Jamie Boward at Mercury Endurance met and exceeded my expectations. He spent the time to understand my goals, history and evaluated my fitness level. Then he designed a training plan that met my needs. He was great at communicating with me through out the program. He answered all my questions related to racing. He adjusted my training plan when I had a major life problem weeks before my race. I was able to train and improve without any injuries. He set me up to have a fabulous race and finish within my goals.
I would not hesitate to use Mercury Endurance again and recommend them to my friends completely."

− Vicki Creigh - Omaha Nebraska

" I Contacted Jamie after I received a spot for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, FL. I wasn’t satisfied with my current results and didn’t feel that I belonged on the course with the top athletes in the world. There was a big change in my training philosophy, and for the first time, I didn’t have to deal with nagging overuse injuries and my running vastly improved. Jamie has a tremendous knowledge of all of triathlons disciplines and with his help, I recorded a PR. Had I not made a crucial mistake in the second transition I would have made my goal time which I thought months earlier was out of reach. Jamie’s knowledge and patience have made me a far better triathlete and I will not hesitate to go back to him when the opportunity presents itself.
Thank You Coach Jamie and Mercury Endurance"

− Bernie Reeves - Singapore